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The Idea 

In early 2018, our founder Sean, had a life changing idea. An idea to live and work remotely from the office (any office) and find a way to reduce agency costs to the bare bones to maximise the ROI for his clients. He left his marketing agency desk job of many years and took his laptop and his phone and his marketing skills on a pilgrimage to find a life of location independence and personal growth. He travelled and met with lot’s of like minded highly skilled digital entrepreneurs. The plan was to to harness the web and create end to end digital marketing campaigns for SME’s and start-up’s as well as bricks and mortar businesses needing leads and footfall. Sean had decided to look beyond the clients initial budget and choose clients based on the enterprise opportunity irrespective of marketing budget. It’s often the case that new or flat-lining businesses don’t have huge budgets, yet urgently need that growth boost.

Omnet Digital Marketing Was Born

So, Omnet Digital Marketing was born. The owner worked from a small sailboat in the Solent for a year, crafting campaigns and strategies for new clients, all incredible, ambitious people. Sean didn’t waste his clients budget pontificating over a colour gradient palette, as important as that can be at times, and spent more time analysing page layout, customer interactions, customer feedback and traffic data – to create sites that would deliver the commercials for his clients. He built pages that worked and then A/B split tested landing page design after landing page design, to convert and maximise customer interactions before compliantly integrating those leads into his clients CRM systems.

Pan Forward to 2022 & BeyondPan forward to 2022, the idea has morphed into offering a free digital marketing workshop to potential clients. An opportunity to flesh out a road map of how, when and where in order to help potential new clients understand the true opportunities available to them and their businesses. All this completely free of charge. If we don’t think we can make your ideas fly we’ll say. If we think you’re onto a winner we’ll help get you there. Help you own your niche. On time and on budget.

The Launch of the Free Strategy Workshop

Many marketing strategies rely on a combination of time and or expenditure, both are finite resources. To say it’s ‘critical’ to get the strategies worked out in advance really is an understatement. Mistakes rarely save time or money. In many cases Omnet Digital Marketing can ‘guarantee’ certain outcomes for clients, or offer a full refund should ever the need arise.

Many of our successful clients began their journey by booking a free strategy workshop to explore the scope of their ideas, ambitions and goals. Then to work out the most cost effective way of delivering those goals.

If you’d like to do the same, we’d love to engage and see how we can help your business grow!

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